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Blood in Gutters | Brody Dalle

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Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly) b/w Reverie Girl
Icicle Works, Situation Two Records/UK (1983) 

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Como Te Extraño mi Amor - Cafe Tacvba

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Don’t Mess With Me - Brody Dalle

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LA SUXXX (The Choice)//Nika+Rory

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"Préstame tu peine, y péiname el alma.

Purifícame, no me abandones.

Préstame tu sueño, y duérmeme.

Embrújame, volvámonos eternos.”

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*~*~* Caucasian Walk - Virgin Prunes *~*~* 

LIVE in 1982

Click For Studio Version

I need a 5 foot radius of clear space around me when I’m dancing to this song.

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Paraf-Nikad Nikad Nikad 

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WOW! great band, great video, great friends, great boyfriend, I’m so proud! <3


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I walk into your room but I don’t how to say, don’t know how to say…

F.T.F - Trust 

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Sight of You | Pale Saints

"what can i do?
what can i say?
the world was large
and i felt very small
what’s gonna happen?
how will i know
when things are back
the way they used to be before?

the sight of you
the sight of you
makes me feel blue
i feel so blue
the things you said
the things you said
make me feel bad
my heart is sad”

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The Stone Roses | I Wanna Be Adored

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roxy music - all i want is you

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Non Band- Duncan Dancin’

Spastic Japanese no wave / post punk from the 80s. Very much in tune with the nyc no wave scene and the uk post punk stuff of the era. Really good stuff.

You can download their self titled album from 82 here, it’s pretty rare (or it was a few years ago at least).

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Te quiero | Hombres G

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